Thursday, April 10, 2014

Welcome to SolidCast Polymer Technology!

Solid-cast-polymer is the overall LESS EXPENSIVE alternative and answer to a long-term value-proposition. SolidCast Polymer Technology is the mastermind behind solid-cast-polymer (SCP), one of the most revolutionary materials-of-construction available to industry today. Solid-cast-polymer is an advanced polymer concrete-like composite material. Solid-cast-polymer is a high-strength, corrosion resistant material-of-construction designed and engineered as the superior product available when producing structural precast and/or cast-in-place products such as manholes, pipe, vaults, segmental tunnels, railroad ties, and other load-bearing structures. Strong, durable, lighter-weight and corrosion resistant, SCP is a unique polymer composite blend of Green, thermosetting resin (No HAP's, No VOC's), inorganic mineral fillers, and select reinforcing media. Solid-cast-polymer corrosion engineered products do not rely on liners, coatings, or other types of "thin-skin" corrosion barriers. Solid-cast-polymer material composition is corrosion resistant through and through. With life expectancy in excess of 300+ years, solid-cast-polymer is the ultimate "Set & Forget" Solution.